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dear 2020, what the f**k - my second zine

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

hello, and welcome to my second zine! i am very excited to share this project with you, and i am so thankful that you are taking time out of your day to flip through it. let's be honest, this year has made absolutely no sense -- like, high-school-calculus no sense -- so in an effort to make my own sense of things, i have created this not-so-little online booklet. the best way i can describe it to you is an amalgamation of snippets and trinkets and thoughts centered around this undoubtedly uncertain year. it also features an interview with shari elf, a wonderful artist and human being. this is so exciting! i am excited. i hope you are, too :)

ps - this is easier/clearer to view on a desktop. enjoy!

is your coffee table feeling lonely? to purchase a physical copy, please fill out this form:

some tunes for you

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