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once upon a time - my fourth zine

Updated: Feb 20, 2022


it's been a minute, i know :-)

welcome to my fourth zine, "once upon a time." to put it shortly, it's a zine about love. i feel like i'm constantly redefining what love means to me -- is it being able to exist comfortably in silence with someone? is it smiling when you see their name pop up across your screen? is it neither? or both?

a lot of the art i create is inspired by my personal experiences. you'd think that posting about my encounters with love wouldn't be different than any other sort of vulnerable text i have written and posted online, but with this project in particular, i feel nervous sharing this part of me with the world. i can't even type right now without my fingers shaking. ahh! feelings!

anyways, i hope you like it <3


tum x

ps: this will be a lot easier to view on a desktop

some songs for you:

p.s. here is a PDF of the 'tumlibs' page so you can print it out and fill it up with the things you love :)

Download PDF • 58.78MB

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