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INTERVIEW with Alyun: creating music to seduce your senses

Updated: May 2, 2020

Alyun is a badass Chinese-American producer who is on the rise in the underground electronic music scene.

As someone whose childhood was divided between China and America, Alyun’s cultural background and heritage can be explored through her music. Using direct lyricism and elements of experimental production to create a dark, electronic aura, Alyun has curated a distinct sound that is simultaneously cautious and calming. Breaking barriers and transcending oceans, Alyun is worth getting to know.

Are you multi-faceted? How did you learn your skills/get into them?

I sing, produce, dance, and play mediocre piano. I learned piano from ages 6-12, and learned dancing and led a hip hop club/team in high-school. I’ve been singing for as long as I’ve been talking, and started producing 4-5 years ago.

How would you describe the sound/style of your music?

Nostalgic, creamy music to seduce your senses.

Who are your creative influences and how do they inspire you?

Lido and Cashmere Cat are my OG favorite producers. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of umru, 100 gecs, and sumthin sumthin. They represent a production direction I want to get into.

What is your favorite part about creating music?

The process, the product, and the community.

What sets you apart from other electronic artists?

My lyrics are borrowed from a different world, I use unexpected imagery. My voice and production style are dark and sweet. I combine my taste for Chinese indie pop music and western electronic music in my songs.

I understand your cultural background is important to your artistry. What does your artist name mean/how did it come to be?

I’ve moved around a lot and become a sponge of western and eastern culture. I still felt like an outsider, never at home. I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere except where the music flowed. That’s where “Alien” - Alyun - comes from. Something about the way I spelled it here reminds me of a flower ; it’s pretty and calming to me.

I see you released your first EP, Sad Summer Songs, earlier this year. Congrats! What are three words you would use to describe the EP?




You have collaborated with DJ/producer ALEXDAYO 道 a number of times. How did you guys meet?

We met on tinder. I listened to his Soundcloud link in his bio, and asked if he wanted to make music together (strictly professional, of course). He moved to LA a year later from Philly and now he’s one of my closest friends and collaborators.

Pictured: Alyun & 'Dayo'

How does the music scene in China differ from that of America?

It’s different as sea and sky. There are mirrors but a lot of smoke in the Chinese music scene. The underground scene is much more prevalent in the states, and more genres of electronic music being made. However, there are quite vibrant underground music scenes in China, but they tend to be visited by people who have a “western” taste in music.

Why do you create music and what do you hope to accomplish in doing so?

To aid to the “cure of the terrible disease of loneliness.” - Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a release and expression for myself- I genuinely believe I’d rather die than be in any other field- and I know I’m able to bring others closer to humanity through the communication of music.

What are the next steps for you? What can we expect from Alyun in the coming months/new year?

I’m releasing a new Alyun EP, working with the artist development and production house I’m currently training at (called ghostcraft productions) as well as two collab EPs the coming year. There will be more indie-pop influences, as well as dark experimental electronic sounds.

Keep up with all things Alyun: Instagram

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